Clients employing our custom underwater products include:


For the past 9 years we have worked closely with The Sexton Corporation.  They have been responsible for the design and manufacture of all of our camera housings and cables, the latest iteration of which incorporates the use of Gig-E cables, which now enables us to position our cameras at more advantageous locations in the pool when filming swimmers. Our use of specially designed equipment requires collaboration with an enterprise that has both the design expertise and manufacturing skills to meet our needs.  We are extremely fortunate to be able to utilize the services of the Sexton team.    Click for more information

Jan Prins

Director, Aquatic Research Laboratory, University of Hawaii

The housings The Sexton Corporation made for our deep water camera system (BotCam) are fantastic.  We have been using them since 2009 and have deployed each one at least a hundred times. They are easy to maintain, take a great amount of abuse without failures, and they have never leaked.  The design featuring an acrylic window that enables us to see our instrument indicator lights is simple and very effective, saving us countless hours of field time.

Jeff Drazen

Professor, University of Hawaii, Manoa