Jan Prins, Ph.D.

Jan Prins, Ph.D.

Director, Aquatic Research Laboratory

The Aquatic Research Laboratory, located on the campus at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, has been in continuous operation since 1984.  It specializes in Swimming Biomechanics, with the primary research focus being the swimming stroke mechanics of elite competitive swimmers.

In addition to being designated a regional testing center for the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team, we have tested and continue to test World Record holders, Olympians, and World Swimming Champions.

Our research is unique, insofar as we are one of a handful of centers in the world, that analyzes competitive swimmers, using multiple, synchronized, high-speed cameras, coupling them with motion analysis software to process the data.

For the past 9 years we have worked closely with the Sexton Company, based in Salem, Oregon.  They have been responsible for the design and manufacture of all of our camera housings and cables, the latest iteration of which incorporates the use of Gig-E cables, which now enables us to position our cameras at more advantageous locations in the pool when filming swimmers.

In addition to our camera needs, they have also designed and produced a portable battery pack, connected to a series of LED lights that we attached to the joint segments of the swimmer’s body.  This enables us to use the “automatic digitizing” feature in our motion analysis software, saving us considerable time when processing the data … essential, because a typical filming session, using 3 cameras, set at a rate of 100 to 120 fps, can generate an excess of 240,000 data points, each of which needs to be identified and digitized for analysis.

Needless to say, our use of specially designed equipment requires collaboration with an enterprise that has both the design expertise and manufacturing skills to meet our needs.  We are extremely fortunate to be able to utilize the services of the Sexton Company. 

Jan Prins, Ph.D.
Director, Aquatic Research Laboratory
Department of Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Hawaii.