Full Service Design

Products Engineered to Your Requirements




Our experienced design engineers have over 40 years of experience creating innovative products for challenging environments.  Whether your equipment needs to be rainproof, installed in a swimming pool, or deployed to the darkest depths of the ocean, we can help you from concept to final end product.

Below are some past examples of our work, our Engineering Services, and Manufacturing Capabilities


Mechanical Design

  • 3-Dimensional Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  • Custom Enclosure Design (for cameras, sensors, and other equipment)
  • Complex Internal Support Systems
  • Syntactic Foam and Float Design
  • Equipment Cages and Frames
  • Optomechanical Design (Optimal Lens Placement)
  • Design for many manufacturing processes:
    • 3-4-5-Axis Machining, Turning
    • 3D-Printing
    • Sheet Metal
    • Injection Molding
    • Welding
  • Finite Element Analysis (Stress Analysis)
  • Custom Film-Camera Design (Film Planes, Spooling Systems)
  • Through-wall control systems
  • Anti-Corrosion Systems and Best Practices
  • Custom Heat-Sinking
  • ROV Compatibility
  • Buoyancy and Center of Gravity Analysis

Fabrication and Testing Services

  • Underwater Connectors and Penetrators
  • Underwater Cabling
    • “Y” Cables
    • Connector and Splice Overmolding
    • Internal Connector Terminations (Networking, IO Connectors)
  • Pressure Testing (10,000 PSI)
  • Pool Testing – Trim and Buoyancy
  • Acrylic Bonding and Polishing
  • Electrical Assembly