GoDeep Acrylic



Our Acrylic GoDeep features the same design as it’s Aluminum sibling with several advantages for shallower deployments.  With the Acrylic version, users can see the built-in LCD Screen or LCD BacPac attached to their GoPro™.  The clear housing also transmits wifi signals in air, allowing remote control start and stop operation of the camera and video playback without opening the housing.


  • Designed for Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero4 camera models (plus extended GoPro™ BacPac unit)
  • Clear Acrylic design can withstand deployments to 100m underwater
  • For longer deployments, plastic housing coupled with 316 Stainless Steel Hardware is less susceptible to corrosion in seawater
  • Sexton 3.4″ diameter Polycarbonate dome port
  • Locking stainless steel latches for easy opening and closing.  Latches can be mounted left & right, or top & bottom
  • Dual o-ring seal design (bore and face seal)
  • Option to add threaded bulkhead holes
  • 3 mounting holes (1/4-20) on each side of housing (12 total)
  • Accommodates Sexton Intervalometer board, plus accessory boards from other manufacturers.